Why should I service my sewage treatment plant?

I often find myself being asked ‘why should I service my sewage treatment plant?’. My response is always the same. Do you MOT your car and service your boiler annually? The answer is usually a resounding yes. Well then why would you not service your sewage treatment plant when it treats the sewage from your home and releases it into the environment? It has a VERY important function and one that you rely on for normal day to day activities (like showering, washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning your teeth) to continue.

Responsibilities of Owning a Sewage Treatment Plant

I should also mention that you as the owner of a sewage treatment plant have a duty of care by law as written in the Environment Agency General Binding Rules to ensure that your sewage must not cause pollution (Rule 4), and that your treatment system is regularly maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also stated that anyone who carries out maintenance on your system must be competent. Competent people include those on British Water’s list of accredited service engineers

(link https://www.britishwater.co.uk/page/ListofAccreditedServiceTechnicians) (Rule 11).

Why is servicing so important?

Most small domestic package sewage treatment plants on the market today have mechanical and electrical parts which require maintenance every 12-18 months to ensure continued operation.

Should the motor seize on your Klargester Biodisc or the air blower fail on your WPL Diamond, GRAF or Solido sewage treatment plant, then there will be no treatment occurring within the plant and the system will discharge untreated wastewater into the environment and cause pollution.

Other symptoms of sewage treatment plant failure may include the drains backing up, your toilets bubbling or overflowing, unpleasant smells and not to forget the costs of the repair and possibly a fine by the Environment Agency.

WCI provides a wide range of maintenance services, including planned service, emergency call outs, refurbishment, and replacement of all makes and models of domestic and commercial sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, rainwater harvesting and potable water supplies.

So why should you maintain your sewage treatment plant?

  • Worry-Free Functionality – regular servicing helps to prolong the life of your system and keep your equipment working efficiently without costly and disruptive breakdowns.
  • Condition of Warranty – failure to regularly service your equipment can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranties on the equipment.
  • Service History – with regular servicing you will have a complete service history which demonstrates regulatory compliance.  A service history will often help avoid delays if you decide to sell the property.

Why WCI?

WCI is a family-run business with a reputation for excellence.  Having a Service Plan on your equipment with WCI means:

  • Fully Qualified Engineers – all our engineers are British Water-Accredited Service Engineers, confined spaces qualified and electrically competent up to Edition 18. 
  • Fully Insured and Guaranteed – WCI carries comprehensive insurance covering all our products and services and our work is guaranteed.
  • Service Level Agreement – Our Service Plans are backed up by a Service Level Agreement covering emergencies giving you the assurance of our responsiveness in the case of an emergency.
  • Best Price – Planned Preventative Maintenance means that we can efficiently plan our visits and coordinate these with others in your area.  The savings this provides us are passed on to you within the cost of this Service Plan.  We also offer Service Plan customers a lower hourly rate on reactive maintenance.

If you have any questions about the servicing of your system, please contact the office on 01984 623404 option 2.

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