Stormwater / SUDS

Encompassing all forms of rain and stormwater flows, WCI designs and installs surface water drainage networks and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

WCI are specialists in the design, supply and installation of surface water management and sustainable drainage (SuDS) systems. Ranging from small scale domestic surface water soakaways to large scale multi-stage SuDS,

WCI offers an integrated approach to dealing with rainfall that uses the local landscape together with engineered products to meet the requirements of individual sites and regional policy.

Need help with your sustainable drainage system? Reach out to the team and we can discuss options to move you forward.

Most domestic properties are able to dispose of rainwater into the ground via a soakaway.  This is achieved by collecting rainwater from roofs, driveways and pathways from downpipes and gullies into a series of stormwater pipes which discharge to a rainwater soakaway.

Installing a replacement or new soakaway correctly requires an understanding of the area that is being collected and the ability of the local soils to soak this water up.  Invariably, digging a pit, filling it with rubble and hoping for the best will ultimately result in flooding.

WCI undertakes the necessary infiltration tests and designs soakaways using the latest MicroDrainage software to ensure that even the smallest soakaway will work reliably.

From Swales to Headwalls

Managing stormwater sustainably and cost effectively requires an integrated approach based on four key pillars: water quality, water quantity, amenity and biodiversity.

Integrating all four pillars in a stormwater drainage system avoids pollution and flooding while creating systems which improve our enjoyment of our built environment and the benefit it brings to wildlife.

WCI are experts in the design and installation of stormwater drainage systems that incorporate the four pillars of SUDS

Why are Sustainable Drainage Systems Important? 

It has long been recognised that increased urban and rural development, together with changes in climate, have resulted in an increase in frequency and severity of flooding. In England and Wales, this led to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 being introduced which addresses the way in which rainwater from the built environment is controlled and managed.

Anybody contemplating a new development, from small scale extensions to large scale commercial premises, will need to adopt a ‘Sustainable Drainage System’ (SuDS) for the control and management of their surface water.

SuDS includes consideration of the transport of water (conveyance), the temporary storage (attenuation) and dispersal either to ground (infiltration) or to a watercourse. SuDS may include structures which mimic natural drainage systems like swales or detention ponds or include engineered structures including underground tanks and control devices.

Keith and Linda - Baghay Cottage

We were very impressed with the WCI installation team, who worked very hard and diligently in the most awful wet conditions to install our new sewage system. The team also did their very best in the pouring rain to ensure that the site was left tidy. Also, over the Xmas holidays, Brad promptly fixed a problem with the pump. Thank you for a job well done.

Emma Sherman - Greengates

We have found the service right from the very first phone call, site visits, detailed quote though to completed job exceptional. The whole team proved to be very knowledgeable in this field and we had full faith the system is the correct one for us. The site was complex and was left in a better site than it started, we can not thank WCI enough and would highly recommend.

Ms G Fraser - The Old Parsonage

I am thrilled with all you did here. The installation of the new drainage system was completed to my total satisfaction. It was a huge job but within a few weeks, there was no visible sign of the movement of heavy machinery or of the temporary disruption to the garden. Your staff were superb and the supervision and support from head office exemplary. I would recommend WCI to other people without hesitation.