Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, treatment and storage and reuse of rainwater. With increasing domestic and commercial water demand coupled with increased frequency and duration of draught, rainwater harvesting provides an environmentally-friendly and economic alternative to the use of mains water for potable or grey water supply and garden irrigation.

The worldwide demand for fresh water has tripled over the last 50 years and is increasing by 64 trillion litres a year*. Closer to home, water and sewerage bills have increased by 40% since the water companies were privatised in 1989.

Harvesting rainwater captures the free, naturally soft, water that falls on your roof and stores it for re-use later. Typical uses include:

Garden irrigation & washing cars (7% of domestic water usage)
Toilet flushing (30% of domestic water usage)
Clothes washing (13% of domestic water usage)
Personal washing (33% of domestic water usage)

*Aquastat – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

WCI is an independent supplier and installer of rainwater harvesting systems. We take into consideration the available catchment areas, the required usage, the available space and ground conditions and budgets.