Private Water Supplies

Private water supplies take many forms including surface water abstractions from springs, rivers and harvested rain to groundwater abstractions including boreholes and wells. Private water supplies can be used for a range of uses from garden irrigation to ‘grey water’ applications like toilet flushing, full potable water supplies and industrial process supplies. All private water sources must be suitable for the proposed use and it is important to know the risks associated with private water supplies.

System design and installation

Using detailed water quality tests, WCI designs complete water supply, filtration and sterilisation systems useing quality equipment. Our installations include vessels, medias, filters, UV sterilisation and automatic backwashing together with iron and manganese filtration, pH correction and water softening.

Water treatment

WCI recommends that all private water supplies (irrespective of type, age or construction) should include filtration and disinfection provisions. This is because unlike chlorinated mains water, private water supplies have no protection from bacterial contamination unless they are treated.

Whilst typically it is bacteria in the water that makes people ill, all private water supplies should have the appropriate treatment fitted to ensure the water is wholesome.

Water quality testing

WCI recommends regular water sampling and testing of all private water supplies. We undertake professional collection of water samples supported by UKAS accredited laboratory testing for many different bacterial, mineral and metal contaminants. In Somerset and Devon in particular, we find that iron, manganese and low pH are common as well as bacterial contamination in many rural areas.

Servicing and maintenance

WCI recommends that all private water supplies (irrespective of type, age or construction) are regularly serviced to maintain high water quality and to prevent failures resulting in a lack of water supply.

WCI offers planned regular maintenance and reactive emergency call out services for all makes and models of water supply and water treatment equipment.