Property Seller’s Compliance Report

Selling your property is complicated enough. When you put your property on the market, you want a sale that gets you the best possible price with the least possible hassle.

Selling a property with a defective or non-compliant septic tank, drainage field or sewage treatment plant risks expensive last minute renegotiations and delays and you may not even know whether your drainage system is compliant or functional.

Our Property Seller’s Compliance Report allows you to confidently put your property on the market, reassure your buyer, avoid increased solicitor’s fees and avoid the risk of a delayed sale. We offer two levels of survey – the Standard Survey and the Advanced Survey to help you sell your property.

Standard Drainage Survey

  • Drainage map showing where and what drainage a property has.
  • Compliance assessment to check whether the property’s drainage is compliant with the necessary environmental and building regulations.
  • Functionality assessment including sizing checks, defects checks and maintenance checks.
  • Full written report with recommendations and budget figures for repair or replacement.

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Advanced Drainage Survey

  • Everything included in our Standard Survey; and
  • CCTV condition survey of accessible drains using latest self-levelling CCTV drainage cameras.
  • Industry-leading WinCan condition report.
  • Guidance on the relevancy of any defects found and the most appropriate method of repair.



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Dye testing a private drainage system

What is different about WCI’s Compliance Reports

There are many different things to consider when buying or selling a property. A typical RICS homebuyer’s report or building survey will look at the property as a whole but rarely investigates drainage fully.

At the other end of the scale, a CCTV condition survey only looks at the condition of the pipes without considering the legality and functionality of the drainage system as a whole.

WCI’s Property Buyer’s Compliance Report is a comprehensive survey of a property’s drainage system including the drains, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, drainage fields, reed-beds and other drainage systems. As professional wastewater engineers, our surveys focus on providing an understanding of:

  • What drainage system a property actually has.
  • The functionality and performance of a property’s drainage.
  • The legal compliance of the property’s drainage.

    What if WCI finds a problem?

    When our Compliance Report identifies issues with a property’s drainage, we will include independent and objective recommendations and budget costs for bringing the property’s drainage up to standard.

    We are also able to assist with completing the work required. For example:

    • Percolation testing to establish soil porosity for sizing a new drainage field for a septic tank
    • Infiltration testing to establish infiltration rates for sizing new surface water soakaways
    • Environment Agency permitting where a property’s drainage requires a permit
    • Supply and installation of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, drainage fields and drainage
    • Rectification and repair of existing septic tanks and sewage treatment plants
      Evidence of dye from a private drainage system