Drainage Surveys

WCI provide specialist drainage surveys and asset audits for home buyers, home sellers, property management companies, insurance companies and asset owners.

Our professional in-house surveyors are fully versed in all aspects of drainage-related regulations as well as the typical issues with the performance of septic tanks/drainage fields, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, rainharvesting systems, borehole pumps, water filtration systems and control systems.

All our surveys are supported by comprehensive written reports.

Compliance Reports

Often described as ‘septic tank compliance reports’ or ‘home buyers/sellers drainage surveys’, our Compliance Reports help you buy or sell a property or release equity from your home by assessing whether a property’s private foul drainage system (septic tank or sewage treatment plant) is functional and compliant to the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules and the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations in place at the time of construction.

Every survey is accompanied by a full detailed report and recommendations where required.

Smell Investigations

One of the most requested surveys is the investigation of a smell or odour issue arising from a foul drainage system.

Investigating smell issues require consideration of a number of different factors. Our surveys will often include a physical assessment of the electrical / mechanical functioning of a sewage treatment plant, smoke testing of soil vents, CCTV survey of drains, dye-testing of surface water drains together with desktop research into the sizing and functioning of the system.

All our surveys come with a comprehensive and professional written report and are supported by friendly and knowledgeable contact with a lead engineer.

Compliance Asset Audits

Whether it’s for compliance or for capital budgets, WCI have deep experience in auditing foul drainage assets. We support Estates, commercial businesses, public sector service providers and property management professionals in identifying drainage-related assets.

Our asset audits provide a comprehensive summary of the type, layout, condition, performance and compliance of foul and storm water drainage systems and potable water supplies.

All our audits are supported by professional written reports which not only detail what you’ve got and how its functioning, but also what you need to do to keep it compliant and functional.

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