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Surveys & Ground Investigation

WCI provide specialist drainage surveys and associated ground investigations as part of our integrated approach to providing a complete drainage solution.  Whether its percolation tests to inform the design of a septic tank/drainage field solution or a full homebuyers drainage survey, our surveys and ground investigations bring together capabilities from our consulting engineering and groundworks teams to deliver the insights you need.

Home-Buyer’s Drainage Survey

The WCI Home-Buyer’s Drainage Survey is a comprehensive assessment of the functionality and compliance of a property’s foul and surface water drainage.

The survey identifies potential problems and helps to explain what the cost of resolving these problems will be, so that you can get on with buying your new home hassle free.  Compliance is reviewed against the latest Environmental Regulations including the Environment Agency’s ‘General Binding Rules’ as well as current Building Regulations.

From the outset, WCI takes control of the process and personally liaises with the estate agent or vendor to set a date for the survey.  When on site the foul and rainwater drainage is surveyed, the septic tank or sewage treatment plant investigated and the discharge traced.  All our findings are written up in a professional report.  Where repair or replacement is required a budget figure for the required works is given which can be used to support negotiation of the property sale.

Septic Tank Compliance Survey

The WCI Septic Tank Compliance Survey is a thorough investigation of a properties private foul drainage system to ensure that the system is not only functional but also compliant with all necessary regulations.  We find the survey is primarily used by:

  1. Home owners considering selling their house who want to ensure their septic tank system is functional and compliant so that any issues with the system can be identified and remedied before a sale.
  2. New or existing home owners who are curious about their septic tank system and want piece of mind about what it is, where it is, it’s functionality, it’s longevity and it’s legality
  3. Home owners that are looking to use equity release products and have been asked by the provider to prove that the property’s septic tank system complies with the Environment Agency’s ‘General Binding Rules’.

Once a date and time for the survey has been arranged by the WCI Office, a WCI engineer will visit site and carry out a professional survey of the foul and surface water systems.  Results of the survey are often verbally relayed to the home owner while on site and the report is written and sent within 5 working days.  Any repairs and replacements will be costed for further discussion and the report thoroughly explained.

Smell Investigation

WCI is renowned for our problem-solving capabilities.  One of the most requested surveys is the investigation of a smell or odour issue arising from a foul drainage system.

Investigating smell issues require consideration of a number of different factors.  Our surveys will often include a physical assessment of the electrical / mechanical functioning of a sewage treatment plant, smoke testing of soil vents, CCTV survey of drains, dye-testing of surface water drains together with desktop research into the sizing and functioning of the system.

All our surveys come with a comprehensive and professional written report and are supported by friendly and knowledgeable contact with a lead engineer.

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing is required for safety and compliance.  Private water supplies must be tested regularly to ensure they are safe to drink and private sewage systems must be tested to confirm compliance with environmental permitting regulations.

WCI undertake water quality tests both as part of planned maintenance services or as a stand-alone service to satisfy a particular requirement.

Our water quality testing is undertaken by trained engineers who take samples according to a UKAS-compliant methodology before delivering the samples to a UKAS-certified laboratory for testing.  Where necessary, we will provide written interpretative reports  and include recommendations on how improvements to water quality can be made.

Infiltration Testing

Infiltration testing, in accordance with BRE DG 365, allows the suitability of the ground for rainwater soakaway drainage to be assessed and provides soil infiltration rates for surface water drainage design.

WCI offers an infiltration test package which includes trained operatives, machinery (mini digger and water bowser), calculations and a report to support the design of a surface water drainage design.

All works are undertaken by qualified operatives in accordance with Building Regulations and Construction Design and Management (CDM 2015) Regulations.

Percolation Testing

Percolation testing provides information for the design of foul drainage systems and is undertaken in accordance with BS6297:2007+A1:2008.

Our percolation tests include fieldwork, inclusive of operatives and mini-diggers, together with calculations and report to support the design of a foul water drainage field.

All works are undertaken by qualified operatives in accordance with Building Regulations and Construction Design and Management (CDM 2015) Regulations.

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