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Sewage Treatment Plant Service & Maintenance

WCI offers professional and affordable sewage treatment plant and pumping station servicing and maintenance for all makes and models in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire.

All Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations require regular service and maintenance. Regular servicing ensures the proper operation of your Sewage Treatment Plant but also maintains the validity of the manufacturer’s warranties and prolongs the life of the system – saving you money and guarding against pollution incidents.

Service contracts start from as little as £120 including VAT

If you are quoted a cheaper price for service contract or emergency call out we will do our very best to price match wherever possible.

We undertake regular contracted annual and bespoke servicing of all makes and models of Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations, as well as providing an emergency call-out service. Rolling annual service contracts are backed with a robust Service Level Agreement, assuring any emergencies are dealt with in a timely and cost effective fashion and all works are fully insured.

All service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and every visit is followed with a comprehensive service report including advice about desludging/emptying intervals.

WCI services all makes of plant including: WPL (DMS, DMC, HPC and HiPAF), Premiertech (Conder ASP. Solido Smart, Solido Classic, Ecoflo, CSAF and DSAF), Klargester (Biotec, Biodisc, BioFicient), Marsh Ensign, GRAF, Acorn, Biorock, Vortex, Matrix, Entec, Harlequin HydroClear, Titan, Clearflow, KEE, Biodigester, Tricel and those rare few plants whose origins are unknown!

Preventative maintenance

Monitoring of performance

Documentation of findings


Servicing is a legal requirement. Since April 2010, the Environment Agency Environmental Permitting Programme (EPP2) requires that all sewage treatment plants are operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the maintenance log is recorded and retained for at least 5 years. The Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules state that that “Maintenance must be undertaken by someone who is competent”. WCI are British Water Accredited Service Engineers.

WCI has an in-depth understanding of how and why sewage treatment systems work. This means that when we service a system, we are not only carrying out the routine tasks recommended by the manufacturer of the system but we are also looking for reasons why the system might fail to operate correctly in the future.

WCI also has a comprehensive knowledge of the regulations that apply to the system we are servicing. This means that we take samples of the discharge from each system being serviced. Documentation of these findings maintain a record of compliance with the permits and standards that apply to the system. As such, we frequently are asked to performance manage systems that are failing to meet Environment Agency permit discharge criteria. Action include sampling and laboratory analysis, system process evaluation and rectification.

When a system does suffer a break-down or failure, WCI are on hand to fix it, quickly and efficiently. As WCI are renowned design and build wastewater contractors, if refurbishment, upgrading or replacement of the existing system is necessary, WCI can tender and carry out the work when instructed.

Common problems found whilst servicing Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations


WCI services all makes of Sewage Treatment Plant and Pumping Station in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Our British Water qualified Service and Commissioning Engineers are available for annual service visit and emergency call outs. All engineers carry a wide range of materials in their vans to ensure most problems can be rectified within their time on site.


To learn more, read our blog post on why you should service your sewage treatment plant.

If your Sewage Treatment Plant or Pumping Station needs servicing, please contact WCI on 01984 623404 or via our contact form below to arrange your free site visit today.

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