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Sewage Treatment Plants

Whether it’s a submerged aeration, sequencing batch reactor, RBC or passive aerated filter, WCI will always specify a system which best meets your budget and your requirements.

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from human sewage.  Privately treating sewage can allow sewage to be cleaned and legally discharged to a watercourse avoiding the need for extensive drainage fields or pumping to mains sewers.

There are many sewage treatment systems available including package sewage treatment plants and bespoke-built schemes for larger applications.  Most sewage treatment plants are designed for human sewage, normally termed ‘domestic sewage or wastewater’.  Domestic sewage includes waste from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and not just toilets.

In England and Wales, planning regulations stipulate that a package sewage treatment plant is to be preferred over a septic tank.  However, discharges from sewage treatment plants may still require an Environment Agency permit irrespective of whether they discharge to a watercourse or to ground.

WCI are independent and will always specify a system which best meets your requirements.  We take into consideration the required treatment quality, the available space and ground conditions as well as the levels of noise that can be tolerated and the visual impact the system will have.

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