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Sewage Pumping Stations

A pumping station is required when the topology or position of a property prevents raw sewage from flowing under gravity to a treatment plant or public sewer.

WCI designs and installs pumping stations ranging from small final effluent pumping stations with a single automatic submersible pump on a septic tank to large raw sewage pumping stations incorporating 24 hr storage requirements, duty/assist controls and large diameter rising mains.

The specification of a pump station is a specialist field of expertise and we recommend that you do not attempt to buy off the shelf unless you are familiar with pumping stations and pumps. The specification of a pumping station is dependent on:

  • The expected flow to the pumping station
  • The type of wastewater to be pumped
  • How far and how high the wastewater will be pumped
  • The arrangements for continuation of drainage in the event of pump failure
  • Where the pumping station will be located
  • The type of power supply available
  • Whether the pumping station is to be adoptable

To provide access to the right pumping station solution, WCI works with a variety of manufacturers including TT-Pumps, Xylem, PremierTech Aqua, Klargester and WPL

PremierTech Aqua

Klargester Pumpstor