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Foul Drainage Installation

WCI designs and installs foul drainage networks for private houses, commercial properties as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader package of works.

Foul drainage, which describes pipes transporting sewage, grey water or dirty water, is generally divided between gravity drains and pumped rising mains.

Sewers are foul drains which serve more than one property, many of which are owned and maintained by a water authority although private sewers also exist. Lateral foul drains are generally defined as the pipe connecting a single house or structure to the shared sewer. Lateral drains are often considered the part of a drain that lies outside of a property’s boundary. These pipes were previously the responsibility of the owners of the property but were adopted by the Water Authorities on 1st October 2011. As such, ‘drains’ are now considered to mean the pipes within a property’s boundary which are the responsibility of the owner of the property and lateral drains are the pipes which connect a single property with a shared sewer.

The specification and installation of foul drains is subject to Building Regulations and must be correctly sized for the expected flows and must be laid at correct gradients to prevent blockages. Access points (rodding points, inspection chambers and manholes) must also be provided.

WCI provide both drainage design and drainage installation services.