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Sewage Treatment Systems

Whether you live in a cottage or a castle or are building a home or a hotel, WCI can provide you with the most cost effective sewage treatment solution for your needs. We will help you understand the difference between a septic tank and a cesspool and when you can discharge to a stream and not a soakaway.

Treatment Plants

Whether it’s a submerged aeration, sequencing batch reactor, RBC or passive aerated filter, WCI will always specify a system which best meets your budget and your requirements.

Septic Tanks & Drainage Fields

A septic tank and soakaway still remains the simplest and most cost effective way of treating sewage from domestic properties where the site characteristics allow.

Pumping Stations

A pumping station is required when the topology or position of a property prevents raw sewage from flowing under gravity to a treatment plant or public sewer.

Grease Traps

If you have a commercial kitchen, you require the means to intercept fats, oils and greases before they reach your sewage treatment plant, pumping station or foul sewer.

Reed Beds

Reed Beds are constructed wetlands planted with fragmites australis and provide a natural and sustainable form of sewage treatment.

Foul Drainage

WCI designs and installs foul drainage networks for private houses, commercial properties as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader package of works.

WCI provides professional yet cost-effective access to wastewater engineering where multi-disciplinary engineering services are not required.  There are number of reasons why you might call WCI for support with foul drainage.  Here are just a few:

You are building a new house and there is no public sewer nearby

You have sewage flooding onto the ground from your drains, septic tank or sewage treatment plant

You have been asked by the Environment Agency to stop polluting.

You are preparing a planning application for a new private or commercial development and require support with the foul drainage design and submissions

You have a numerical discharge consent standard and require support in specifying and installing a sewage treatment plant which will deliver the correct treatment standard

-You have a seasonal application and want to know how best to handle the seasonal or intermittent sewage from your site.