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Service & Maintenance

Private drainage is not without it’s responsibilities. WCI provide full service and maintenance services to ensure your system is operational when it counts most.

All sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, pumping stations and surface water SuDS schemes require regular service and maintenance.  Regular servicing not only ensures the ongoing functioning of the system, it also maintains the validity of the manufacturer’s warranties, prolongs the life of the system and ultimately saves you money.  Servicing of private sewage treatment systems, SuDS schemes and Fuel/Oil separators is also a legal requirement.

WCI are British Water Accredited Service Engineers.  We undertake regular contracted service and maintenance as well as providing an emergency call-out service.

Our service and maintenance service focuses on:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Documentation of findings
  • Problem-solving

WCI has an in-depth understanding of how and why sewage treatment systems work.  This means that when we service a system, we are not only carrying out the routine tasks recommended by the manufacturer of the system but we are also looking for reasons why the system might fail to operate correctly in the future.

WCI has an in-depth understanding of the regulations that apply to the system we are servicing.  This means that we take samples of the discharge from each system being serviced and undertake field tests and laboratory studies to demonstrate that the system is functioning as it should.  Documentation of these findings maintain a record of compliance with the permits and standards that apply to the system.

And when a system does suffer a break-down or failure, WCI are on hand to fix it, quickly and efficiently.