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Pre-Purchase Surveys

WCI’s pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive survey of foul and surface water drainage and can be used by purchasers or vendors to establish the functionality and compliance of a property’s drainage.

The purchase of property in England and Wales is ‘as seen’ and it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine whether the property’s foul and surface water drainage is fit-for-purpose and legal. A homebuyers’ report or building survey rarely investigates drainage infrastructure fully.

CCTV companies, whilst thoroughly checking the property’s drainage by camera during their pre-purchase surveys, are not experienced wastewater treatment engineers and so cannot competently investigate or report on the state of the existing sewage treatment system.

WCI’s pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive survey of septic tanks, foul drains and sewage treatment plants. As professional wastewater engineers, our surveys focus on providing an understanding and awareness of:

  • What the foul drainage scheme is
  • The prospects for functionality and performance of a property’s foul drainage
  • The legal compliance of the property’s foul drainage;

Our pre-purchase surveys are offered at a fixed price and our reports are delivered without delay. If any faults are found in the pre-purchase survey WCI will provide a quotation for the repair and/ or replacement of the system. The report can then be used as an independent basis for negotiation between buyer and vendor.