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Expert Witness

WCI provides specialist mediation and expert witness services for when disputes arise.

WCI offers the services of one of the founding directors as an expert witness in the field of private sewage treatment systems. Originally apprenticed by the Portals Group of Companies, this vocationally trained engineer has over 30 years of experience and has worked with WHO (World Health Organisation), Peace Keeping Forces and Schlumberger in many parts of the world as a water and wastewater treatment engineer.

Examples of our case history include:

Pollution of mine shaft
Sale of a holiday park with an undisclosed discharge of untreated sewage to a mine shaft.

Pollution of a road
Shared septic tank with unresolved agreement of accountability for control of discharge to a road.

Illegal discharge from an industrial estate
Expert representation on the validity of sampling and monitoring studies to establish the existence of an illegal discharge to public sewer.

Illegal handling of sewage sludges
Breach of waste transfer licencing and illegal discharge of sewage sludges to the environment.

Inadequate design and specification
Failing scheme due to inadequate design resulting in breach of discharge consent.

Pollution of nature reserve
Undersized sewage treatment scheme discharging to a nature reserve with no rights of easement or discharge consent.

Inadequate installation
Independent assessments of installation methodology for sewage treatment plants.