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Design & Specification

Choosing the right solution for your needs is by no means simple.  WCI design solutions which are specific to your requirements.

While the selection of a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant might seem simple, every system should be specified according to the particular requirements of the property.  Like most parts of a property, the installation or repair of sewage systems, surface water systems and drainage represents a significant investment of time and money.  Once installed, the chosen system will be expected to perform every day for decades so its important to get the design and specification of the system correct.

WCI will always visit your property and invest time in understanding your requirements before specifying a solution.  We offer our design & specification services both as consulting engineers to those clients that intend on installing their own system and as design & build contractors to those people that are looking for the complete ‘cradle to grave’ solution.

If you’re in any doubt as to whether your situation requires proper design and specification, consider whether your local builders merchant or sales rep will take time to consider everything on the right!

Legal Requirements: will the system meet the required regulatory standards?

Sizing: what size system is required to function correctly and to legal requirements?

Seasonal Use: how will the use of the property change the nature of the flows and concentrations?

Depth below Ground: can the system be installed at the necessary depth for the drains?

Discharge Requirement: will the system require a pumped discharge?

Water Table: do you have a high water table and how will this affect the selection of the system?

Visual Impact: what will you see and how big an impact will it have on the property?

Noise Levels: how much noise will it make and can this be reduced?

Energy Consumption: how expensive will it be to run?

Serviceability: how much will it cost to keep the system running properly?

Installation Cost vs Purchase Price: is it more expensive to install than other systems?

Certification: does it carry the required certifications (eg BS-EN12566-3:2005)?

Access Requirements: where can the system be located and can it be transported to the property?

Cost: is the system good value for money?