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Whether you’re the current owner of a private drainage scheme or are contemplating ownership of a property with private sewage or surface water drainage, WCI provide a full suite of consulting engineering services to domestic and commercial clients.

pre-purchase surveys

WCI’s pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive survey of foul and surface water drainage and can be used by purchasers or vendors to establish the functionality and compliant of a property’s drainage.

expert witness

WCI provides specialist mediation and expert witness services when disputes arise.

asset audit

For owners and operators of large estates, WCI provide complete audits of installed infrastructure to inform and update operations and maintenance plans.

discharge monitoring

As part of one-off studies or ongoing operations and maintenance, WCI provide field and UKAS laboratory monitoring of discharge quality.

EA permits

While small sewage discharges can sometimes be made under the Environment Agency’s ‘General Binding Rules’, interpreting these rules and determining whether you need a permit often requires expert assistance. And when a permit is required, WCI provides support navigating the required documentation and the 4-5 month-long application process

planning application

Most construction work requires planning approval. WCI can provide advice and support with the preparation of technical submissions for the discharge of planning conditions relating to foul and surface water drainage.

project management

WCI understands that clients sometimes have in-house resources and capabilities that can be used to keep costs down in the design and construction of drainage schemes. However, the coordination of these resources together with the sourcing of 3rd-party requirements requires experienced project management capabilities. WCI project manages design, construction preliminaries, contract tendering and provides contracts management (or clerk of the works) services.

section 104 design and agreement process

WCI provides a full design and consultancy service for developers which ranges from small private drainage systems through to large foul and surface water drainage systems for adoption.


Whether CPD courses for surveyors and architects or field-based training for facilities management teams, WCI prepares and delivers bespoke training courses for a wide range of needs.