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Historic drainage field replacement to ensure adequate drainage to six domestic properties

WCI was asked to determine how to solve a failed drainage field which served 6 domestic properties in Kent.  The properties were served by a series of septic tanks but the residents had a long history of the drains backing up and an inability to flush toilets.

WCI surveyed the site and found the septic tanks to have sufficient capacity and to be structurally sound – not the problem then.  The issue lay with a poorly laid drainage field.  Targeted investigation found the existing drainage field to be blinded both through the pipework and surrounding gravel bed stopping the dispersal of effluent from the septic tank to ground causing the system to back up.  With no watercourse or sewer nearby, it was drainage field or drainage field – the only problem was that there was very little space in which to design a compliant and functional drainage field.

To assure both a functional and compliant solution, WCI confirmed that an existing Environment Agency permit was in place and valid.  We then undertook a series of percolation tests to  BS 6297 standards and confirmed that a drainage field could – just – fit the available space.  It would take some careful groundworks, but a viable drainage field was possible.

The design approved by the client, WCI moved into construction mode and a new drainage field installed.  The residents of the properties all had continuous drainage throughout and the landscaping looked better than when we started.  A good result and no more backed up drains.


58 linear metres of drainage field designed and installed to BS 6297.

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