Bowood is one of the finest luxury hotels in Wiltshire, with spa, golf course, acres of space and stunning grounds. The property is served by two package sewage treatment plant which discharge into a tertiary reed bed under an Environment Agency permit.

Failing To Meet EA Permit Quality

Over time, the two package sewage treatment plant had fallen into neglect by the then service provider and the Bowood maintenance staff were growing increasingly concerned that the systems were not performing as designed and treating to the correct standard.

WCI was called to undertake a pre-service inspection of both sewage treatment plants and the final effluent pumping station. All systems were found to need extensive work to bring them back up to a serviceable standard. Detailed quotes were provided, explained in detail and the works authorised.

Cost Effective, High Quality Refurbishment

The Biodisc system required the filter pack to be removed by crane and the bearings, sprockets and chain replacing. Whilst the filter pack was removed the structure of the tank was emptied, cleaned and inspected structurally. The tank structure was good, and the work completed.

The bespoke sewage treatment plant was found to be heavily sludged throughout the aeration chamber, the aeration pipe work was broken, and the plant was operating on one undersized blower. The system was emptied, all the media removed, a confined spaces entry undertaken to check the diffusers and replace the broken aeration pipework and check the tank structure. Above ground the air blower kiosk was modified to install the new air blowers, gauges, ducts and pipework. The media was bagged and remained above ground until the tank refilled and the works could be tested. Once the system was fully operational, the media was replaced.

The final effluent pumping station was found operational but with intermittent faults. The system required new floats, warning beacon and tidying of the electrics to enable the existing pumps to work without fault.

The rectification work was completed on time and on budget by WCI British Water-accredited engineers.  The system is now performing well, The wonderful, hands-on Bowood maintenance staff check the systems daily and the systems are serviced on a 6 monthly basis by WCI. Servicing includes final effluent testing and sludge measurement to ensure the system remains compliant.