Rectification of existing sewage treatment plant near Exeter

WCI was called to site to rectify an existing VSM with separate primary tank. The client had been servicing the system himself but alterations over 20 years meant the aeration was limited and the recycle function non-operational.

We approached the rectification with a mind to reconfigure the VSM plant back to its original manufacturer’s design but where possible reusing the existing air blowers.

Rectification work involved:

  • The removal of the original ABS recycle valve and a new one fashioned and installed
  • Installation of new airlines and
  • Purging and cleaning of the existing diffuser
  • The original air blowers were serviced and tested to see if they could be used but the submergence was too great within the plant, and so they were retired to serve the small pond on site.
  • To save money a refurbished JDK blower was fitted and connected to the aeration and recycle pipework. The valve was adjusted and the back pressure checked until the perfect level of air was being delivered to each function and optimal treatment was being achieved.

The works were explained to the client who was very happy with the outcome. WCI will return to site in three months to check the continued function and treatment quality.

Our client will continue to service the plant himself supported by the WCI Service Team where required.

If you have a system that could so with some TLC contact Sara on service@wci.co.uk or give us a call on 01984 623404.