Rectification of Clearwater sewage treatment plant

WCI visited the site near Honiton in April to undertake a free of charge pre-service inspection of an aged, non-operational Clearwater Sewage Treatment Plant.

Although the plant was in poor shape, our engineer costed a solution to rectify rather than replace the system and install new energy efficient equipment that would bring the treatment quality up to current standards.

A fully itemised quotation was presented to the client and works to overhaul the plant were scheduled for June.

The failed pumped aeration equipment was removed, making way for a modern air blower, airlines and diffusers which would provide a reliable and consistent source of aeration. To protect the new air blower system, an external blower enclosure was constructed. This enclosure not only housed the blower but also included a low-pressure alarm beacon, ensuring that any potential issues could be quickly identified and addressed. Finally, the grating above the biozones was secured to enhance the structural integrity and safety of the facility.

A return visit was scheduled for September to collect a sample of the final effluent for analysis by a UKAS accredited laboratory and check the operation of the plant.   

If a system is structurally sound and sized correctly, the WCI Service Team believe rectification is possible to extend the life of a sewage treatment plant and make it compliant to the EA General Binding Rules. It is always a path worth investigating before full replacement!

If you have a water or wastewater treatment plant that you feel needs our attention get in touch service@wci.co.uk or give us a call on 01984 623404.