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Michelin starred gastro pub requires low energy sewage treatment solution.

The Pony & Trap is a Michelin-starred gastro-pub located in Chew Magna near Bristol. With a ‘field to fork’ ethos, the pub needed an environmentally-friendly solution to the legacy septic tank with a direct discharge to the local river.

The Pony & Trap is an award-winning country pub managed by Brother and Sister duo Josh and Holly Eggleton. The pub was served by an under-sized septic tank with a direct discharge to the local river. A successful and over-subscribed pub serving large numbers of high quality meals each day, the discharge was typical of gastro-pubs and had a significant fats issue.

In keeping with the environmentally-friendly ‘field to fork’ ethos of the pub, WCI proposed a non-electrical sewage treatment system. Such was the enthusiasm for the scheme, it was decided to locate works right in the front garden and to highlight the environmentally-friendly approach to the treatment of waste from the pub.

Prior to installation, WCI highlighted the extent of the FOGs problem at the pub (despite two grease traps already installed) and it was agreed that the FOGs would be brought under control before the new system was commissioned. This proved more challenging than expected and it was a full 14 months after installation that the new system was brought on line. Full credit to the management of the Pony & Trap for their perseverance and collaboration in ensuring that the sewage works was not prevented from delivering the required treatment quality by excessive FOGs loadings.


FOGs management system

15,000 litre settlement tank with effluent filter

4 x biological treatment units and associated infrastructure