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Beautiful rental property requires immediate wastewater treatment solutions.

Park House Farm is a grade 2 listed farmhouse located near Keynsham, Somerset. WCI was called because the existing septic tank was constantly backed up and it was impossible to flush the toilets. Not the ideal situation with new tenants about to move in!

When WCI visited Park House Farm, we found that the septic tank was surcharging because the existing drainage field could not function given the heavy clay soils. To make matters worse, there was no watercourse near the house. And if that wasn’t enough, a rainwater drain was flooding the backdoor.

To solve the problem, a new sewage treatment plant was installed and the treated effluent plant pumped to a large drainage field in a field above the house.

The flooding at the back door was worse than expected. Not only did the surface water drain go nowhere (no wonder that it was flooding the back of the house) but the field land-drains were also flooding the back garden. To solve this, a new surface water pump station was installed with a land-drain through the back garden to take both the rainwater and the surface water from the garden. This was pumped to a new French drain in the field which discharged to a field boundary ditch.


WPL Diamond DMS2

Separate pump chamber with automatic Lowara DOC 7 submersible pump

Surface water pump station with bespoke submersible pump

High level alarms & control panel



Toilets that flush, a garden that doesn’t flood and a happy client and tenants. All the works were completed within 2 weeks of our first visit.

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