Barley Grange was within days of exchange and completion when the septic tank was found to have a broken baffle which was unrepairable. A speedy solution had to be found. The owner called WCI afer a neighbour’s recommendation and a cost-effective solution was found. 

The Right Solution

Due to the location of the existing septic tank the drains were incredibly deep which meant a like for like replacement was going to be very difficult and costly. The better way of dealing with the issue was to intercept the foul and install a forward feed pumping station and pump at a shallower depth into a new Premiertech Conder Millennium septic tank with built in final effluent filter.

A Quick Yet Tidy Install Needed

To facilitate the sale of Barley Grange a quick yet high quality finish was required for this job. Existing gravels were stripped from the driveway and stored, the area chosen for the installation was top soiled, grass seeded and edged after the work was completed. Once the original gravels were replaced, the Owner requested that several tonnes of new gravels were brought into site to refresh the driveways appearance which was completed within the original scope of works.

A full final documents pack was presented to the owner which detailed all the work undertaken and an ongoing Service Contract which was given to the purchaser.

A British Water Service Engineer from the WCI Service Team service the system annually. A detailed report follows on from the prearranged visit and is kept with the emptying receipts and final documents pack. Records are kept for a minimum of 5 years and will in the future aid the sale of the property once again.