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Little Cheriton House

Cheriton House enjoys a fabulous outlook and extensive grounds. What better place to enjoy the scenery than from a bespoke treehouse.

WCI was engaged to support the design and construction of a full-serviced guest house in the trees. Faced with seasonal flows and the need for a completely silent system with minimum visual impact, it was back to basics and WCI sought to confirm there was sufficient drainage for a septic tank and drainage field solution.

While the topology of the site nor the soil composition was ideal, WCI was able to design a drainage field that followed the contours of the site without risk of outcropping on the relatively steep ground.


A perfectly suited 3,000 litre PremierTech Aqua Super-Reinforced Millennium Septic Tank with final effluent filter to protect the 80m of drainage field.

If you are having problems with your septic tank, please contact Naomi directly on 01984 623404 (ext 26) or via our contact form below to arrange your free site visit.

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