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Barn conversion needs simple septic tank solution

Goldsmoor Barn is a three-bedroom barn conversion which is used as a domestic dwelling. WCI attended site to design a foul water treatment system. The client required a discrete foul drainage system that would blend into the natural surrounds.


Given the localised soil characteristics the client was asked to undertake a series of porosity tests on the land inside their curtilage (Adjacent land).

Based on the porosity test results the private drainage system was designed. All foul water flows from the Barn discharge through gravity drains to a new Conder Millennium 3,000 litre septic tank in the garden.  A separate pump chamber will lift untreated septic effluent to a BS 6297:2007+A1:2008 certified drainage field/soakaway some 150 metres distance in the field to the west of Goldsmoor.  This approach avoided any infrastructure on others land or any pumping of solids, which could lead to an increased risk of maintenance.

Our Guarantee

All WCI work is compliant with Building Regulations and once the installation was completed, a pack of final documents was sent to the client including the Operations and Maintenance Manual, a complete photographic history of the installation, an electrical completion certificate and a Building Control completion certificate. The entire scheme is compliant with the Environment Agency’s General Binding Rules (GBR) as the barn discharges less than 2m3/ day of domestic effluent to ground and meets all the rules set out in GBR.

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