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The National Autistic Society’s aged plant requires updating.

Somerset Court was the first specialist centre for autistic people in the UK. Living in seven purpose built houses gives adults with autism the opportunity to lead fulfilling and increasingly independent lives in a beautiful environment.

In 2008 WCI was approached by Somerset Court to help rectify its existing, failing sewage treatment plant. The plant consisted of a bucket lift elevator, primary tank and conder clereflo treatment plant. The plant was consistently failing to meet its EA consent to discharge (permit) especially regarding ammonia.

WCI went about altering the existing installation by adding more aeration into the Clereflo plant and installing a small package pumping station which pumped primary tank effluent up into a fabricated nitrification unit which was fiber-glassed in-situ onto the existing clereflo plant.

In parallel WCI monitored kitchen and bathroom practices including chemicals used and items entering the drains. Some practices were altered with ‘reminder’ signs being installed within the properties.



EA permit alterations.

Modifications to the existing Clereflo plant.

Package pump station

Conversion of existing Conder clereflo treatment plant.

Addition of bespoke nitrification tower.


Follow on work post 2008.

Since 2008 WCI have installed a number of small package plants to other developments on the site and undertaken an Environment Agency permit variation in order to relax the permitting standards at the main plant after a well documented 5 year success rate at constantly producing better treatment quality than the existing permit stipulated.


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