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A Gardeners Dream!

WCI was called to inspect an existing septic tank and presumed failing drainage field serving a three bedroom house in Bristol. The system was surveyed and found to be undersized and requiring replacement. The house and grounds were fantastically landscaped and the replacement of the existing septic tank was always going to involve a high degree of landscape finish with tens of meters of hand trenching.

The septic tank was replaced by a Conder ASP 6 population plant with an integral pumped discharge underneath a carport. The pumped rising main was installed by hand through the garden beside the greenhouse and ornamental fish pond and terminated with a break velocity manhole in the adjacent paddock. There porosity tests undertaken showed that the wastewater could discharge into a drainage field in the paddock area.


The ASP 6 pe package sewage treatment plant was chosen for its complete below ground installation, reliability, quiet and odourless operation and low installation costs. The ASP plant is tested in accordance with the BS EN12566-3:2005 standard, British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads as well as being CE marked and the plant produces an effluent standard quality of better than 20mg/LBOD; 30mg/L SS; 20mg/L NH3.

The system was installed under an Environment Agency Exemption, under a Building Control Notice and electrically connected by a Part P certified electrician.

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