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Belvue: thinking outside the box

Belvue and Triacia are two domestic properties that historically shared a failing septic tank. As the septic tank was under-sized and there was no viable location for a soakaway, the preferred solution was to install a sewage treatment plant. With all drainage for both properties located in a fully enclosed, elevated garden behind the houses, the only question was where to install the treatment plant and where to discharge the treated effluent…

To say that the existing septic tank was located in an inaccessible back garden would be an understatement. Both houses were located high up on ground above garages which fronted the only available access road. With the rear garden sloping heavily down to the houses and with heavy clay subsoils, a soakaway was out of the question.

WCI won the trust and an instruction by both owners by thinking outside the box. We lifted a small excavator over the garage using a long-boomed hiab from the road to divert drains to the rear of the garage. A hand-dig alongside the garage got the new foul drain to the front of the garage. A WPL Diamond sewage treatment plant was then installed under the single carparking space in front of the garage adjacent to the road. The treated effluent was then pumped via a rising main along the verge in front of both properties to reach a ditch in an adjacent farmers field.

The work was completed within a week with no disruption to the use of the foul drains throughout.


The WPL Diamond DMS4 package sewage treatment is ideally suited to installation in tight spaces. With a small footprint and the ability to install the system under driveways, the Diamond was the perfect system for the site. An external pump chamber with a simple but reliable Lowara DOC-series submersible pump completed the design specification.

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