Project Engineers Awarded Site Safety Plus Certification

Last month two of our project engineers, Mark and Phil, successfully passed their CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme, earning them a five-year Site Safety Plus certification.

Considered the gold standard in Site Manager’s Safety Training, the CITB course equips them to run construction sites and implement controlled safety measures required by law. With a mix of intensive classroom training and self-study, the course comprehensively covers health and safety regulations, compliance and leadership skills to promote a positive safety culture on construction sites and it underpins the broad range of skills our project managers bring to Team WCI.

As employers we’re delighted to invest in staff who prioritise safety and compliance – two pillars that are at the heart of everything we do as a company. By providing our staff with relevant in-depth training we can stay compliant with relevant legislation such as construction (design and management) regulations (CDM) and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on site. 

This course isn’t just a legal obligation but a commitment to excellence and the well-being of our team and the customers we serve. Well done chaps!

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