A Septic Tank Upgrade Shouldn’t Cost The Earth

If you’re a property owner, we’ll upgrade your existing septic tank or treatment plant to create a phosphate betterment.

You may be surprised by just how much helping the environment can help you.

What’s the Catch?

None.  Absolutely no catch.

Our free upgrades are part of a Phosphate Credit Scheme which has been created to support developers with gaining planning approval for new homes.

By upgrading your septic tank or treatment plant, we create a ‘phosphate betterment’ which can be used to offset the phosphates generated by the new development.

Because of this, the developer is willing to pay for Phosphate Credits which funds the upgrade of your septic tank (and puts a bit of cash in your pocket).

Good Reasons To Upgrade

Upgrading your existing septic tank or treatment plant isn’t just good for the environment. You may benefit from a new treatment plant because:

  • Your septic tank or treatment plant is old and starting to fail
  • You want to help secure the sale of your property (now or in the future)
  • You care about the environmental impact of poorly treated sewage on our rivers and waterways
  • You have a functioning system but want the peace of mind that a new treatment plant certified and commissioned by British Water-Accredited Service Engineers will provide.

Why WCI?

WCI are experts in water and wastewater engineering. We have been designing, installing and maintaining sewage treatment plants for 40 years.

Our credit scheme is owned and managed from start to finish by WCI. This means the promises that we make about the quality of the treatment plant, the physical construction works and the ongoing servicing of the system will all be met by our own trained and qualified staff.

This makes WCI the ideal partner for you (and for developers).

Show Your Interest

Simply register your interest with a few details about you and your property so that we can check you’re in the right area.


We’ll arrange a convenient time for an engineer to visit you. Our site survey will allow us to establish exactly how we’ll upgrade your septic tank or treatment plant.


We’ll provide you with a detailed offer including your free upgrade, a free service plan, contribution to admin/legal fees and a cash incentive.

Promotion Agreement

We’ll ask you to sign a Promotion Agreement. This will allow us to match you with a developer who needs the phosphate betterment from the upgrade of your system.

Draft S106

We’ll provide you with a draft S106 agreement.  This is the agreement that will assign the betterment to the developer when planning is approved.

We’ll also provide a cash contribution to allow you to get the agreement checked by solicitors and your mortgage company.

Planning Approval

When planning is approved for the development, everyone signs the S106.


We’ll arrange to upgrade your septic tank or treatment plant and send you the promised cash incentive.


It doesn’t stop there – we’ll service the new treatment plant for free for 5 years from installation.

How do I find out more?

Please register your interest by clicking the button below to see if you qualify.

Our free upgrades are not a suitable option for those with an emergency as it takes time for the funding model to be implemented, however please get in touch and we can arrange for an engineer to come and help. To qualify for a free upgrade, you must fall within a specific river catchment area and have a system that can be improved. A cash incentive will be dependent on the complexity of the upgrade and may vary in amount.

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