Your Complete Phosphate Credit Solution

The industry has already seen a number of phosphate credit schemes launch since Local Planning Authorities introduced nutrient neutrality restrictions yet many of these are expensive, uncertain or only suitable for very large developments.  WCI provides a dependable, transparent and cost-effective alternative.

WCI’s Phosphate Credit Scheme Is Different

Autumn Update

Our scheme is based on the upgrade of septic tanks and treatment plants – a well established strategy which has been proven to be acceptable to LPA’s and Natural England.

WCI already has the relationships with property owners who will benefit from their systems being upgraded.

We have invested 1,000’s of hours in preparing and testing a credit generation process which is supported by independently prepared legal agreements.

We have the skilled engineers already in place to survey and validate the upgrades so there’s no surprises or loss of planning approval due to upgrades which never materialise.

You only pay for the credits when you have planning approved.

Our credits are reasonably priced and pegged at the rate which assures a fair incentive for the property owner rather than an inflated market rate.

 With such overwhelming interest from property owners, we’re pleased to announce the following:

  • Our phosphate credits are now priced at a market leading £37,500 per kg
  • More than 30kg still available across the Tone, Parrett, Brue and Axe river catchments
  • Units as small as 0.1 kg now possible

Our Credit Scheme is fully approved by Somerset County Council and Natural England.  

This means:

  • No Section 106 required – your planning approval is conditioned on presentation of proof of purchase of our credits!
  • No requirement to commence your build within a given timeframe giving you time to discharge conditions, complete Building Regs submissions and tender your build.

For more information and to register your interest, click below or call us on 01984 623404 to discuss your project requirements.

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