From Somerset to the Ukraine

WCI are proudly doing our little bit to support the people of Ukraine.  When approached by local builder Kris for support in filling a large van with food and supplies for refugees entering Poland, WCI jumped at the chance.

In 12 short hours, WCI raised an amazing £2,000 and went shopping, ultimately sending over a tonne of supplies on their way to the Poland/Ukraine border.  Kris, with a support driver, left this morning and estimates it will take 56 hrs to travel the 1,400 miles to the eastern border of Poland where he will be met by local volunteers to distribute the food and supplies that he and all the people that rallied to our call have provided.

Our thanks to the staff and friends of WCI Water & Wastewater Engineers, Vectorex Construction, Cook Brown Associates, JP Gainsford Associates, PremierTech Aqua, Watt to Wear, Bibus, Hydro-Rod, Graf Industries and the kind gentleman at Booker Cash & Carry who thrust a few extra pounds into our hands while we were still loading the trolleys.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

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