Down Farm is a rural 4 bed domestic property and was served by an historic septic tank and soakaway in neighbouring land and was suffering from surface water intrusion from a nearby yard. The house was unable to be sold.

The solution proved to be tricky but fool proof in its design. The old system was replaced with a new WPL DMS2 with a separate EPC pump chamber. The system was installed under a tarmac driveway and parking area on the owners own land.

The treated effluent was pumped up to the lawned area which was inaccessible to machinery. So a small excavator was lifted over a wall and into the lawned area in order that the soakaway was installed. The only route for the rising main was out the front gate, up a lane beside the workshop, through a historic piggery yard (with a slurry pit in the middle of it), under a garden wall and into the garden.

The benefits are numerous. The client now has a system that works and is compliant with Building Control and EA current regulations. They no longer have to worry about how much water they use and are able to sell their property which they have been unable to do for the last 2 years. A win-win scenario all around.