Water & Wastewater Treatment

WCI provides a comprehensive range of planning and design services covering all aspects of the water environment.

Our water engineering encompasses all aspects of water and wastewater management including the design and specification of package and bespoke treatment works.

Our Group expertise in the design, build, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of domestic, commercial and municipal wastewater treatment systems ensures that we are able to find the best sustainable, cost-effective solution for our clients particular requirements.

Our wastewater engineering includes solutions for domestic waste, industrial food and beverage waste and other types of industrial effluent.

Wastewater Treatment

WCI is well known for our knowledge of wastewater engineering. With ever increasingly stringent environmental standards being applied to both small scale domestic and large scale municipal discharges, it has never been more important to adopt a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solution. WCI can deliver the right solution for your needs.

  • Preliminary treatment / screening
  • Aerated aerobic biological treatment
  • Anaerobic treatment and denitrification
  • Effluent re-use
  • Sludge management and dewatering