WCI provide comprehensive drainage design services for all types of development. Our drainage design capabilities span all stages of project development from drainage strategy for planning approval through to detailed design for tender and construction. Our designs are supported by the application for, and coordination of, regulatory consents and permits including Environmental Permits for discharge, S102 and S104 adoptions and requisitions, Trade Waste Consent, IDB consultation, FRAP, MMO, etc. Our designs do not annotate for exclusions of critical dependencies.
Our in-house engineers are well-versed in national and local planning policy together with current technical standards such as Sewerage Sector Design and Construction Guidance, Building Regulations, the CIRIA SUDS Manual and water authority technical standards. We have extensive experience in working with Statutory Water Undertakers, NAVs, Lead Local Flood Authorities, Internal Drainage Boards, the Welsh Sustainable Drainage Body (SAB) and the Environment Agency with an enviable track record for approvals.

Our foul and surface water drainage network design is supported by detailed modelling using industry-standard MicroDrainage software.

Whatever the project size, sector or requirement, WCI includes lean and agile support to meet our clients requirements providing drawings, specifications, contract documentation and on-site construction supervision as necessary.

Surface Water Drainage – SUDs

The principle of SUDs is manage the rate, volume and water quality of run-off from a site to reduce the risk of flooding and pollution whilst improving bio-diversity.

WCI provides innovative, cost-effective SUDS designs that balance the commercial requirements of a development with bio-diversity and social utility.

We have a broad knowledge of both the technical standards and methods that underpin SUDS as well as the national and local approvals processes and requirements.

Foul Drainage Design

WCI is well known for our knowledge of wastewater engineering. Our foul drainage strategies encompass solutions featuring mains connections and diversions, private treatment, pumping stations, inverted siphons and network design and optimisation.