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It is a very good question and one we hear a lot. However, when we rattle off a few reasons why, it soon becomes apparent that with the right maintenance, a sewage treatment plant can last a very long time without carrying out major works on it!


Here are a few reasons why you should consider servicing you sewage treatment plant:

  • It’s a legal requirement as stated by the Environment Agency Environmental Permitting Programme (EPP2)
  • It ensures the proper operation of your sewage treatment plant
  • It maintains the validity of the manufacturer’s warranties
  • It prolongs the life of the system and therefore
  • It saves you money and guards against pollution incidents.

So once I have convinced people that servicing their sewage treatment plant really is as important as servicing your car or boiler, clients have a number of standard questions:


How much does it cost to service a sewage treatment plant?

Maintenance varies depending on the size, make, model and the complexity of the system. WCI offers bespoke contracts to cover any type of system. Typically the annual cost of service on a small domestic plant starts at £120 including VAT.


What do I get for my money?

The service will be tailored to your individual plant but will broadly include performance, mechanical and electrical testing.

View our Standard Service Contract


How often will my sewage treatment plant need emptying/desludging?

The frequency depends on the type of plant, the design of the system and generally its size. Small domestic plants are on average serviced once a year. Commercial plants range between every 2 months to every 6 months. WCI will advise on when the plant needs emptying. For example a plant installed to serve a 4 bedroom home where currently only 2 people are living may only need emptying every 3 years due to underloading of the plant.


Who will service my plant?

All WCI Service Engineers have taken the British Water Wastewater Treatment Plant Accredited Service Technicians qualification and are fully trained. They are also polite, professional individuals that will be respectful of your plant and your property. Most first time service visits are undertaken with the home owner or maintenance manager present on site. They will witness first hand what constitutes a service and often decide that they do not need to be present in the future. Some of our clients love sewage treatment as much as us and often make sure they are home in order to have a look and offer the Engineer tea and biscuits. The choice is yours.


How long should I expect my air blower/compressor to work without any maintenance?

Many sewage treatment plants that use air blowers to actively blow air into the plant are linear diaphragm models (ET, EL, JDK, XP) which require the diaphragms to be replaced every 12-18 months. Piston driven models (LA, ACO) require less frequent maintenance approximately every 3-5 years. Air blower filters should be cleaned or replaced when necessary which is typically annually.


I have a septic tank, do I need a service contract?

Generally no, unless the septic tank effluent is pumped to the drainage field. A pump station requires annual maintenance to ensure its correct operation. Two main points ensure your septic tank is performing as per manufacturer’s guidelines: 1. Regular desludging and 2. Being careful about what enters the septic tank, i.e. no fats, oils or grease, wet wipes, sanitary items or cotton buds etc.


If you have a private sewage system of any make or model, commercial or domestic and are located in Somerset, Devon, Dorset or Wiltshire. Please contact WCI on 01984 623404 or get in touch via the Contact Form, to talk through your requirements.