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‘It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me’. Batman Begins.


Josh was born in Essex but moved to leafy Somerset when he was 12. He brings over 10 years experience in the water industry (Clean and dirty!), his words!! He has considerable experience working with Wessex Water but felt it was time to pursue a new avenue in the industry by joining WCI as a Project Engineer. If he isn’t at work, or being kept busy by his lovely daughter, he can be found as a key team player on the football or cricket pitch.

As a new dedicated Project Engineer he will bring a high level of customer service and responsiveness to WCI. He is ‘looking forward to the challenge and assisting with WCI’s continued growth and development’.

Some Fun Facts;

Favourite sport: Football & Cricket

Favourite food: My home made curry!

Favourite place: Anywhere serving beer! Not fussy!!

Favourite part of the job: The problem solving and solutions to client’s issues

Favourite book: Not a big reader…….so favourite film is Batman The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger was fantastic as The Joker.