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Here at WCI we service a large number and variety of private sewage treatment plants. When I was asked to list the top three reasons why a plant would fail, I whittled my rather long list to:


1.       Electrical Issues

It really could be as simple as a power outage, flipped trip or blown fuse!


2.       Mechanical Failure

Electrical sewage treatment plants fall into two camps. Active aeration – those which operate by blowing air through wastewater from a remote air blower such as the WPL Diamond and passive aeration – those that rotate large discs of media though wastewater and the air such as the Klargester Biodisc. Mechanical failure such as perforated air blower diaphragms or perished bearings can cause a plant to fail. Both can be rectified in short order!


3.       Lack of homeowner maintenance

We as sewage treatment plant service engineers can only do so much. When we carry out, what is often only, an annual service visit – we have to rely on the homeowner or maintenance personnel to ensure the system is actively desludged in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and regular checks are carried out to ensure a plant is operating correctly. We can only visit site and rectify a problem when we know there is a problem to fix and only a small percentage of plants are fitted with a state of the art telemetry system!