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WCI have been retained to provide specialist drainage and wastewater treatment services to the development of a large hotel and leisure development in Torbay. Working alongside the lead architect, WCI are responsible for providing all pre-construction design and planning of foul- and surface- water infrastructure before handling the tendering of the installation work.

Historically a gaming lodge to a wealthy Devonian family, the site has had many uses in its history including being a nightclub of some local significance, particularly for those born around 20 years ago. Under new ownership, ambitious new plans envisage redevelopment of the entire site to provide luxury leisure facilities including a hotel, a leisure centre, luxury apartments and 37 holiday lets… all with hot-tubs. Without mains sewerage, the challenge for WCI is to fit a sewage works and 250m3 of surface water attenuation to meet a 8 l/s discharge limit to the local brook. The site is heavily restricted by TPOs and access to the site is restricted by low overheads. Are the hot-tubs really necessary we asked?

The hot-tubs were non-negotiable. WCI’s job – to treat all the sewage and to attenuate all the rainwater and 40 tonnes of hot-tub water to a single point discharge at a high velocity minor watercourse with a short travel to the River Dart.

Given a shortage of space, WCI has designed all sewage and wastewater infrastructure to be located under carparks or roads. The combined discharge from the site is limited to 8 litres per second through the use of a series of surface water attenuation tanks to allow for the restricted access to the site. Structural reinforcing will allow for heavy vehicle traffic whilst providing the required access for service and maintenance to the below ground sewage works.

The result, a triumph of collaboration between architect and specialist designer and the rejuvenation of a historic site.