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WCI is a recognised expert in civil engineering design, construction and maintenance. We combine consulting engineering services with full turnkey construction and maintenance to provide an end-to-end solution to domestic, commercial and public sector clients.

Consulting Engineers

WCI’s multi-disciplinary consulting engineers provide comprehensive design and project management services for all sizes of water, infrastructure and environmental project.

Water & Wastewater Engineers

WCI Water & Wastewater Engineers supply, install and maintain all types of potable water, sewage treatment and water hygiene systems.

Nutrient Neutrality

WCI’s Nutrient Neutrality division sources, manages and brokers phosphate and nutrient offsets for the UK property development market.

WCI bring together all the capabilities and resources required to plan, design, deliver and maintain water, infrastructure and environmental solutions.

Bridging the gap between designer, contractor and service engineer, WCI provides clients with end-to-end solutions. Our designs are cost-effective and ‘buildable’; our construction is well-informed and focused on total-life performance and our service and maintenance uniquely insightful.

No matter the size or complexity of a project, WCI deliver integrated solutions to our clients’ requirements.

Ryan - Somerset Boat Centre

Just a quick message to say that I have been on a journey for the last 6 months and faced many challenges, some of which you have been key in helping with. I now have full planning and the grant was awarded today- your advice and professional approach helped me find a solution where others did not. Naomi - you made me have the difficult conversations I wanted to avoid!

Anna Boyd - East Town Farm

Simply could not have asked for more. Professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable service throughout. Brad and Naomi’s advice and support has been invaluable for us. WCI offer a perfect combination of technical excellence, extensive practical experience, common sense and real customer care. Truly cannot recommend enough.

Mr J Bragg - Wild Wood

We would like to thank Naomi and Brad for all the help assistance you gave to us during the purchase of Wild Wood and yes the knowledge and advice was invaluable. If we do need any work done in the future on the property, we will definitely contact WCI.

Phosphate Credit Scheme

This summer we have launched our long-awaited Phosphate Credit Scheme. Over 100,000 new building developments are being held up due to a lack of a nutrient neutrality strategy. Here at WCI, we believe that the best way to positively impact the environment whilst enabling the creation of new housing here in the South West is to improve existing septic tanks and private wastewater systems.

Property owners benefit from a free septic tank upgrade

Property Owners

For homeowners looking at upgrading their septic tanks and treatment plants, the Scheme could get you a completely free upgrade, 5 years free service and up to £5,000 cash.

For more information and to check if you qualify,

No nonsense nutrient neutrality to get you planning permission

Property Developers

We carry out a NNAMS and sHRA, work out your credit requirements, draft the Section 106, do the upgrade and service the system. We provide you with everything you need to get planning permission and get building.

For more information and to register your interest,

No Nonsense Nutrient Neutrality™