• Non-Electrical Sewage Treatment Plants

    Non-electrical treatment of domestic sewage is now possible. WCI supplies and installs completely silent non-electrical treatment systems with low running costs.

WCI has extensive experience in specifying and installing non-electrical sewage treatment systems. Non-electrical sewage treatment, where viable, is completely silent, requires no electricity for treatment and is compact and reliable.

Benefits at a glance

No electricity required

Completely silent operation

Ideal for seasonal or intermittent flows such as holiday homes

Allows for above-ground discharges to watercourses and ditches

BS EN12566-3:2005 certified and Environment Agency compliant

Lowest lifetime cost of any sewage treatment solution

What is non-electrical sewage treatment?

Unlike septic tanks which settle out solids and then discharge untreated septic effluent to a soakaway, sewage treatment systems treat the effluent after settlement so that water exits the system that is safe to enter our rivers, streams, ditches and ground water. You could say that sewage treatment systems receive raw sewage and discharge river water. Traditionally, sewage treatment systems use motors or compressors running on electricity to perform the treatment. However, there are now sewage treatment systems that work without electricity.

Completely silent operation

Unlike electrical sewage treatment, non-electrical sewage treatment systems are completely silent. This makes non-electrical sewage treatment the ideal solution for domestic properties where the system might be located near gardens, bedroom windows or home offices.

Ideal for seasonal or intermittent flows

Sewage treatment systems rely on bacteria to break down raw sewage. Many sewage treatment plants do not provide the right conditions for bacteria to survive when there is no flow of sewage and can sometimes smell when flows start again. Non-electrical sewage treatment plants work differently to traditional electrical plants and are subsequently better suited to situations where the flow of sewage varies significantly from day to day or where the flow of sewage stops altogether for extended periods.

Examples of applications where non-electrical treatment is ideally suited:

  • Standard residential properties
  • Sites without electricity
  • Holiday and second homes
  • Village halls and wedding or conference venues
  • Caravan and camping parks

Lowest lifetime cost

Non-electrical sewage treatments are more expensive to buy than some electrical sewage treatment systems. However, without the annual electrical costs and the periodic cost of replacing motors or compressors, the extra cost of a non-electrical sewage treatment plant is soon recovered.

The chart to the right illustrates the average cost over 15 years for a 3 bedroom house.

PremierTech Ecoflo

The PremierTech Ecoflo Coco Filter sewage treatment plant incorporates a patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media. This natural organic material is combined with tried and tested methods for distribution and subsequently treats without using electricity.

The Ecoflo can be used for applications up to 20 PE as the main treatment apparatus or up to 52 PE as a tertiary treatment apparatus.

WCI likes the Ecoflo for its eco-friendly credentials, its shallow depth and its robust mechanical distribution. Click here to download the official Ecoflo brochure or call us for more information.

WCI is an independent company. We will always recommend the best sewage treatment plant to meet your requirements.

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