• Sewage Maintenance & Emergency Call Out

    Preventative maintenance is always preferable to repair or replacement.

WCI offer a complete maintenance package and emergency call-out service to keep your sewage treatment plant or pumping station in working order.

Private drainage is not without its responsibilities. As a homeowner, you are legally required to ensure that your sewage treatment plant or pumping station is ‘operated and maintained in accordance with a maintenance plan as specified by the manufacturer’s maintenance instruction’ (Environment Agency). Further, most manufacturers’ warranties will only be valid if the correct maintenance and record taking is undertaken.

More importantly, regular maintenance is essential if your sewage treatment plant or pumping station is to operate correctly and consistently without the inconvenience and cost of faults and failures.

WCI services all major brands of sewage treatment plant, septic tank and pumping station.

Maintenance Plans

WCI now offer a range of maintenance plans designed to provide the right level of service for your system and your circumstances.

  • Complete care: a full service contract including periodic maintenance, desludging and replacement of parts at a fixed annual cost.
  • Annual service: annual maintenance of your sewage treatment plant or pump station.
  • Emergency call-out: maintenance and repair when you need it.

Desludging / Septic Tank Emptying

All sewage and wastewater systems require regular desludging. This includes septic tanks which, despite popular belief, must be emptied to prevent systematic degradation of soakaways through the carry-over of suspended solids.

WCI is a registered waste carrier and we provide a quick and efficient service for desludging and emptying all sewage systems, including septic tanks, sewage treatment systems, humus tanks and pumping stations.

Please call us for pricing and booking of maintenance and desludging services.

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