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Not so new rules for 202013.06.17

Registration of septic tanks and private sewage disposal systems in both England & Wales was introduced in 2010, however registration was suspended by the Coalition Government pending a review.  The review was completed in October 2014 and new regulations – Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2014 – came into effect in January 2015 and were summarised by the Environment Agency in a set of ‘General Binding Rules‘.

The General Binding Rules set out the conditions in the regulations that allow a septic tank or sewage treatment plant to be used without an environmental permit.  For example, the conditions state ‘the sewage must receive treatment from a septic tank and infiltration system (drainage field)’ and ‘the discharge must not cause pollution of surface water or ground water’.  Discharges from septic tanks directly to a surface water were not allowed prior to the new regulations and are not allowed under the new regulations as they cause pollution to receiving watercourses.

However, to encourage people to take action, the Environment Agency have set a date by which you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system if you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water.  That date is 1 January 2020, or when you sell your property if before this date.  If the Environment Agency finds evidence that your septic tank is discharging to a surface water and is causing pollution you will need to replace or upgrade your system earlier than 1 January 2020.

If you have a septic tank with a direct discharge to a watercourse (e.g. brook, stream, river, rhyne, ditch or swale) and require a legal solution, please contact WCI on 01984 623404. We can arrange for an engineer to visit site, inspect your current system and prepare a quotation with your options explained.

Not just for the birds20.02.17

Great to see one of our clients getting well deserved recognition for his amazing treehouses last night on Countryfile on BBC1.  Ellie met Simon Parfett of Bower House Construction, a carpenter and ecobuilder, who is on a mission to get everyone living in trees. WCI has provided sewage schemes for a couple of Simon’s beautiful tree houses now and look forward to seeing more.

You can see the BBC1 programme here or read about Simon’s treehouses at Bowerhouse Construction.

Welsh Rarebit20.02.17

We are delighted to welcome Jon Edwards, our new Contracts Technician to the WCI team.  Jon hails from Wales but has settled in our neck of the woods, Wiveliscombe, with his family. With a strong background in mechanical engineering this is a step in a new direction, a challenge Jon is meeting with open arms! He can be found in the office taking care of all manner of things behind the scenes, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, on site with the engineers getting stuck in or drinking a good cup of coffee. In Jon’s words ‘I am excited to learn about this new industry, keen to bring my engineering experience and technical background to the company. I am looking forward to building strong relationships with clients and ensuring all planned works run smoothly. The warm welcome from WCI and the hardworking, ’can do’ ethos of the company is in keeping with my values… I can’t wait to get stuck in!”

Fun Facts

Favourite sport: Golf………or rock climbing once I’ve lost a few stone

Favourite food: All things protein (or cake!!)

Favourite place: Brecon Beacons

Favourite part of the job: Meeting clients and developing my knowledge

Favourite book: Star Wars origami…

Be prepared!03.08.16

Sometimes it pays to be prepared when it comes to installing sewage treatment systems.

This was certainly true recently when installing a new sewage treatment plant for a collection of domestic houses and a new Scouts den at West Hatch.  Not only did the team find unmarked water mains and electrical services, the geology of the entire site was made up of very hard Blue Lias which made excavations challenging, particularly as much of the work was to be completed in the inaccessible rear gardens of the various houses that were being connected to the new system.

A good thing then that the team had thought to bring the Fast-trac (seen here lifting excavators into the rear gardens), as well as the right machinery to complete the job in Blue Lias safely and efficiently.

Lifting excavator into garden

The team’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and thankfully lived up to the Scout’s motto…

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