The Rushes: Flood Proof Sewage Treatment Case study

The Rushes historically shared septic tank and soakaway with the neighbours. The undersized tank and failing soakaway caused sewage to back up in the foul drains causing terrible problems and a costly annual desludging/ emptying bill.

Flood-proof sewage treatment

The ideal solution was for the combined system to be replaced with a new separate package sewage treatment plant serving only The Rushes. As The Rushes is situated on the Somerset Levels and has been known to flood there was a need to design the new system to withstand flooding.

It was first thought a standalone system would not be possible but after the drains were inspected and levels taken, a new Conder ASP plant was proposed with a new discharge into the local rhyne. The new system was designed in such a way that it was able to be submerged in times of flooding and not impede the course of the natural flood waters (an Environment Agency requirement). The system was however also designed to be protected from damage i.e. all electrical components were to be situated above flood waters so that the system could be back on as soon as the flood water receded, enabling rehabitation of The Rushes as soon as possible.

With a system designed, WCI handled the Environment Agency and Drainage Board permitting and the entire system installed within 4 days.

Result: working foul drains, lower running costs and improved neighbour relations.

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