Philip Green Memorial School: Sewage Treatment For Schools

Philip Green Memorial School is an independent special boarding school providing education for 44 pupils aged 9-19. The school is set in the grounds of a former stately home and 38 acres of parkland.

Biology field trip

Philip Green Memorial’s wastewater had been historically discharging untreated into a large ‘pond/ swallow hole’ for as long as anyone could remember. The area was fenced off and forgotten. Under a new phase of works at the school the historic wastewater system was reviewed with a view to adopting a more legal, environmentally friendly and safe system.

The first step was to survey the entire system and map the pipe work connections. This required separation of surface water from the foul drains. The ’pond’ was found, cleaned out and landscaped to enable it to be fashioned as a surface water retention pond.

To treat the school’s sewage, a new primary tank was installed as primary treatment and two reedbeds installed for secondary treatment before discharging treated effluent to a new soakaway.

The result: environmental-friendly sewage treatment that provides biology classes with a field trip right on the door step.

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