Heatree Activity Centre: Package Sewage Treatment Plant Case Study

Heatree Activity Centre employed WCI to install a new package sewage treatment plant to serve its main buildings in 2011. Two years on and three outlying domestic staff buildings were renovated and found to be need in a new sewage treatment plant. Unable to gravitate to the main system a new standalone system was designed.

Educational sewage

WCI was asked to design a system to replace the failed septic tank and soakaway with a new legal, Environment Agency compliant system which was mindful not only of the local sensitivity of Dartmoor National Park but also of the ethos of the company.

The most simple and cost effective solution was to replace the failed existing system with a new package sewage treatment plant with a EA permitted direct discharge into the watercourse via a sample point. The system installed would need to be secure to prevent any entry by staff or students on the site for Health and Safety Reasons.

The result: The system was installed within a short time frame, on time and on budget. The EA were happy with the improvement and Activity Centre has a new ‘prop’ to educate its students with!

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