Halswell House is a Grade I listed house with deep, dated drainage. A discharge point directly in front of the house, groundworks restricted by archaeological oversight and a need to create an invisible, silent sewage works. Just another day at the office for WCI.

Grade 1 listed sewage

Halswell House, a Grade I listed house and Grade II listed park is situated in the village of Goathurst in Somerset. The estate has its origins in the eleventh century with the principle buildings today comprising a Tudor Manor dated from the mid-sixteenth century and a mansion house built in 1689.

In 2013, after years of neglect, the house and park were bought by Edward Strachan. Extension restoration has begun and WCI was engaged to prepare outline drainage plans for a revised sewage works and to liaise with the Environment Agency to permit the proposed discharge. Successful permitting was followed by WCI’s engagement to investigate and replace much of the foul drainage serving the property as well as designing and building a new sewage works.

The design and specification of a sewage works was complicated by the existing drains and discharge point being located at the front of the estate. With no alternative location, a solution was required with zero residual visual footprint so as to remain sympathetic to the impact of the house and to meet listing restrictions.

To achieve these requirements, a non-electrical Biorock sewage treatment scheme was designed with venting via small electrical fans. The entire system was installed flush with ground and access covers disguised using artificial grass.

The result is an invisible sewage works located directly in front of a Grade I listed Manor.

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