The Arboretum is a new leisure complex comprising hotel, leisure centre, holiday lets and holiday apartments. WCI has been engaged to design and specify all aspects of the foul and surface water drainage including surface water attenuation and sewage works.

Full turnkey drainage

The Arboretum is an ambitious development near Torbay. The site is heavily restricted by TPOs and access to the site is restricted by low overheads. Given a shortage of space, WCI has designed all elements of the foul and surface water sewers, surface water attenuation and sewage works to be located under roads or car-parks.

With the combined discharge of surface water and treated effluent limited to 8 litres per second and a building specification with no source control of surface water runoff, WCI has designed a SUDs scheme entirely around attenuation.

Location of the sewage works has to be under a car-park with design for maintenance access a significant challenge. Construction of a ventilated bunker will provide access to the works below ground for servicing of the plant while desludging will be provided via bower connections at the surface.

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